Why Offset Concepts? Because we made so many projects that looked the same and we got bored AF and we shifted to an unconventional design route. Hence, offset.

You’ll want to know that the founder has been coding for the past 18 years since he first modified a mod for GTA: San Andreas. In those years he met many like-minded people who helped Offset Concepts take form.

Our expertise is web design, but we made mobile apps, Shopify apps as well as chatbots and marketing integrations. That’s another thing: we all stem from a Martech background. That means we always have marketing and performance in mind when structuring the project.

Below you can see our partnerships and decide for yourself if we are a good match

7 Things You Need to Start a Website

What Do I Need to Start a Website? So you’re considering building a website, but you’re new to this whole thing. You don’t even really know where to start. It can be easy to find yourself frozen before you get started if you don’t have a clear list of steps to guide...

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